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Meet The Crew

Pure Aloha Adventures is locally owned, woman owned, and woman ran, small business in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii!

At Pure Aloha Adventures, we pride ourselves in keeping our tour groups small to provide a more intimate and personal experience as you explore Oahu. Our tour guides are experts when it comes to Hanauma Bay snorkeling, stand up paddling, and scuba diving. We love to show you the Hawaii we know and love. From sharing info about Hawaii’s culture to giving out secrets only the locals know, like where to get some ono grindz or hidden gems to discover, we want you to leave feeling like you are a part of our ohana, not just a guest on a Honolulu snorkel or stand up paddle boarding lesson!

Since 2014, we’ve been delighting our new friends and repeat guests with exceptional Hawaiian adventures that capture our islands’ spirit of aloha and create enchanting memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, come on friends, find the perfect Oahu tour for your next tropical escape with Pure Aloha Adventures!

Winner of the LUX Travel award for Best Aquatic Adventure & Interactive Marine Life Experience – Honolulu.

Featured as best Honolulu Snorkeling tour in TravelMag.

Our Guides


Eva has been in Hawaii since 2008 when she came for vacation and decided that Hawaii would be a wonderful place to make home. After her vacation, she went home, sold everything she owned, and was here just a couple months later. She had found her home and has never looked back. Back then she waited tables and went to school but she knew she wanted something more. She craved being in the ocean every day and as an avid scuba diver decided she wanted to become a dive instructor. You’ve all heard the saying “if you find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” boy did that that ring true for her! She thrived in the ocean. Loved it, craved it, missed it when she wasn’t in it! But she also loved so many other things about Hawaii and in 2014 she decided diving wasn’t enough.

So, she started Pure Aloha Adventures! A small endeavor that would allow her to work doing ALL the things she loved to do in Hawaii. That’s what’s so awesome about PAA, it encompasses all of her favorite things, the ocean, the people, the culture, stand up paddle boarding, scuba, snorkeling, and even a little hiking thrown in every once in a while. Present day, you’ll find her teaching ALL the SUP lessons and also catch her on the snorkel tours we offer. Yes, she still works every day and loves every minute of it!

Nyle is our awesome Hanauma Bay snorkel Guide! With an education and background in child care and teaching, she has the kindness and patience that allows her to get everyone comfortable in the water…but has the energy of the sun and the moon combined! Lots of laughs and plenty ocean knowledge will be shared with you when you join her on an amazing snorkel tour!


Besides frolicking on the beach with her doggo Aston, Lyndsey can be found leading our Hanauma Bay snorkel tours as well as teaching scuba diving and leading dive tours. She is an expert at underwater sea life and knows the bay in and out. She recently moved here from California and can’t get enough of the fun in the Hawaiian sun!! She also takes some pretty rad underwater photos and videos!

The Taco

Expert snuggler and mom’s best friend you will not see The Taco on any of our tours, as he is afraid of the water. We hope some day he will start pulling his weight around here, but until then we just give him all the pets and treats he wants. He went from the mean streets of Oahu’s west side to the Hawaii Humane Society and eventually made his way into Eva’s heart. He does make the appearance on many Facebook and Instagram stories so check him out on our page if you’d like to get to know him more!

Brianna recently joined our team after moving to Hawaii in 2018. Born and raised in Florida, the ocean runs through her veins. She is an avid ocean lover and loves everything else Hawaii has to offer. You will find her teaching our stand up paddle boarding lessons and also at Core Power Yoga where she teachers power yoga and sculpt yoga! Feel free to have her show you some awesome poses on the paddle boards!


As many of her reviews state: Hollis Rocks! She’s a laid back mountain turned island girl who’s been in Hawaii since 2010. This gal LOVES the ocean. With a degree in marine biology and more fish knowledge than even Eva, she knows her stuff. You see a fish, she knows the name, fun facts, and probably even knows what it had for dinner last night! Kids love her and her calm demeanor calms even the most nervous of snorkelers! Hollis is also a dive master, was a lifeguard for many years, and besides the ocean, also LOVES hiking. She’s got some great advice for those of you who want to get off the beaten path and check out some awesome hikes out there. You might even get her to take you on one, who knows!

The Guys

You will see guys on the tours as well. Although the girls do all the Hanauma Bay snorkel tours and the SUP lessons and tours, we love our guys as well. You will see the guys on most scuba dive tours, turtle snorkels, behind the wheel on the boats and teaching you about the wildlife during whale watching!