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About Us

Pure Aloha Adventures is a locally owned small business run by female entrepreneur Eva and her small staff of a few other awesome gals! Yes that’s right! All ladies! Woohoo!

At Pure Aloha the name says it all! We want you to feel that same warmth and aloha that brought people to these islands so many years ago. We pride ourselves in having that true aloha spirit in everything we do. With us, you are more than just a guest on a tour! You are not just a number to be counted off as you’re herded on and off of large buses and spoken to over a loud speaker! YOU are our ohana, our family, our friends, and the reason we get to do what we love everyday on this beautiful island of Oahu! We are so thankful that you have given us the opportunity to be such an important part of your vacation. We make sure that each and every guest has an awesome experience and remembers it for years to come. Many people save their whole lives to visit Hawaii even just for a few days and trust us when we say we want you to get the best out of every single moment you are here! We are proud to provide you not only with our services but also with our knowledge of Hawaiian culture, flora and fauna, great food spots, and hidden gems that we are more than happy to share with you! Who needs Google when you’ve got our awesome Instagram and Facebook accounts to follow and find out all the local secrets and hot spots! At Pure Aloha you will NEVER be part of a large group excursion! We keep our groups small to provide that intimate, personalized experience. We love meeting new people and we feel small groups and private tours give us the best opportunity to get to know each and every one of you. This also allows us to tailor your tour to your own personal abilities and cater to the different needs of guests at every skill level. We do what we do because we love it! We love Hawaii, we love the ocean, we love animals, we love our small groups, we love newbies, we love scaredy cats, we love experienced people, we just love people, and we love you!

So come on friends! Join us for an amazing adventure. Whether it’s swimming with turtles, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, scuba diving, or stand up paddle boarding, let’s get you out of your comfort zone and out there to experience new things and make lasting memories! Newbies, experienced, professionals, and everything in between are welcome! With small groups, you will be sure to enjoy your excursion no matter what your skill level.

A Little About Our Guides


evaEva has been in Hawaii since 2008 when she came for vacation and decided that Hawaii would be a wonderful place to make home. After her vacation she went home, sold everything she owned, and was here just a couple months later. She had found her home and has never looked back. Back then she waited tables and went to school but she knew she  wanted something more. She craved being in the ocean every day and as an avid scuba diver decided she wanted to become a dive instructor. You’ve all heard the saying “if you find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life”,  boy did that that ring true for her! She thrived in the ocean. Loved it, craved it, missed it she wasn’t in it! But she also loved so many other things about Hawaii and in 2014 she decided diving wasn’t enough. So she started Pure Aloha Adventures! A small endeavor that would allow her to work doing ALL the things she loved to do in Hawaii. That’s what’s so awesome about PAA, it encompasses all of her favorite things, the ocean, the people, the culture, stand up paddle boarding, scuba, snorkeling, and even a little hiking thrown in every once in a while. Present day, you’ll find her teaching ALL the SUP lessons and also catch her on the snorkel tours we offer. Yes, she still works everyday and loves every minute of it!


hollisAs many of her reviews state “Hollis Rocks!” She’s a laid back mountain turned island girl who’s been in Hawaii since 2010. This gal LOVES the ocean. With a degree in marine biology and more fish knowledge than even Eva, she’s knows her stuff. You see a fish, she knows the name, fun facts, and probably even knows what it had for dinner last night! Kids love her and her calm demeanor will calm even the most nervous of snorkelers! Hollis is also a dive master, was a lifeguard for many years, and besides the ocean, also LOVES hiking. She’s got some great advice for those of you who want to get off the beaten path and check out some awesome hikes out there. You might even get her to take you on one, who knows!


margaretBrand new to Team Pure Aloha is this spunky gal who just moved to Hawaii after living in Australia and studying scuba diving over there. We are stoked to have her as part of the crew and think she is going to be a perfect fit. If you find yourself on a tour with her, be sure ask what the name of every single fish you see is. Seriously….every….single….fish! 😉 She’s working on learning the Hawaiian names of all of them. With over 450 different species at the bay, it’s a tough endeavor. We wish you luck with that girl! Margaret is also a dive instructor, so if you love snorkeling with her we can set you up to try a Discover Scuba Diving tour with her off our boat which will allow you to dive with the oh so popular Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles……giant ones!

About Us

Although guided snorkeling tours of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve are our main attraction, we offer a little of everything Hawaii has to offer. From stand up paddle boarding to snorkeling, scuba diving, scenic overlooks, and day tours that take you to hidden beaches, Pure Aloha Adventures takes you off the beaten path to experience Hawaii the way the locals do!


1125 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814