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Guided Snorkel and Swim with Sea Turtles

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours 

Calendar Availability: 7am, 9:30 am, 10am , 12:30 pm, and 3 pm daily

The snorkel site will be crowded in the early mornings. We HIGHLY recommend the 12:30 or 3pm time slot to beat the crowds!!

(Wildlife is the same on all time slots)

Children under 3 may be able to be accommodated on the 10am, 12:30 or 3pm time slot only. Please text 808-221-0943 to check availability BEFORE booking if you will be bringing children this young.

Person Pricing starts at $75-$79

An Unforgettable Experience Swimming and Snorkeling with Sea Turtles in Honolulu

Reservations required.

Please TEXT  808-221-0943 for for fastest response to any additional questions.

Turtles and fish are active at all times of day, so there are no “better” time slots, but the afternoons tend to be a little less crowded.

During this Honolulu snorkel tour, you have a chance to spot and swim with giant Hawaiian green sea turtles at the world famous turtle “car wash” Turtle Canyons Reef!

Ages 3 and up. (Text 808-221-0943 to inquire about children under 3)

All snorkelers must have basic swimming skills, but non-snorkelers may ride along and enjoy viewing the turtles from aboard the boat.

Guests who don’t want to snorkel or can’t swim are also welcome and may sit on the boat and soak up the Hawaiian sun while others are snorkeling. Pricing is the same whether you snorkel or just enjoy the boat ride.


Kewalo Basin Boat Harbor
1125 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii

Reservations are required, we do not take walk-ups at this time. 

  • What’s included
    • Mask
    • Fins
    • Snorkel
    • Lifejackets
    • Snorkel Instructor


  • What to bring on your snorkel tour
    • Please wear your swimsuit
    • Towel
    • Water
    • Cameras
    • Reef Safe Sunscreen


  • What types of fish can you see while snorkeling in Hawaii
    • Hawaiian Sea Turtles (please do not touch as we must respect all the wildlife we encounter)
    • Schools of Reef fish
      • Hawaii’s state fish the humuhumunukunukuapuaa
      • Butterfly fish
      • Trigger fish
      • Parrot fish
      • And many other species of fish and invertebrates
    • Coral Reef (hard corals)
    • Whales (sometimes spotted in the distance during the boat ride Jan-April only)
    • Dolphins are often seen on the boat ride to and from the snorkel location
    • Monk Seals. Although rare, can be seen on occasion

Pure Aloha Adventures’ snorkel tours include your gear and certified instructor; you’ll be outfitted after the beautiful boat ride to Turtle Canyon in Waikiki where you will get to snorkel with turtles and view the live “turtle car wash” at this one of a kind snorkel location.

Enjoy this unique opportunity to see these rare creatures up close and peacefully swim with them just outside of Waikiki on this unforgettable snorkel excursion! You can even see turtles from the boat if you don’t feel like getting into the water!

Don’t forget to read your confirmation emails and texts for exact boat location and important information. 

Here is a little more information on these gentle giants!

Hawaii’s green sea turtles are found in seas around the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Green sea turtles are known for their unique nesting practices. When the time comes for the female to lay her eggs, she will walk onshore, dig a hole, and lay her eggs in the sand.

Later, hundreds of hatchlings can emerge from these nests, though many of them are taken by predators before arriving at the waters’ edge. While many of the young turtles will not survive, some can live as long as 80-100 years and weigh up to 500 pounds.

Green sea turtles are at risk due to many reasons. In some areas, they are hunted, while in other areas, water pollution has caused their food sources to become toxic.

Please help save our turtles by using a reef safe sunscreen and also being sure to use reusable water bottles and help protect our precious resource!