Private Scuba Diving Tour – Advanced Certified Diver


We LOVE diving and we know you do too! After many years of working (and diving) on boats here on Oahu we decided to design this tour so you can dive how you want, where you want, and as long as you want! We understand the frustration of being grouped with people who are not at the same dive level as you are, so we offer only PRIVATE scuba diving tours with just you and your instructor!

Advanced Honolulu Scuba Dive 

Enjoy a scuba diving adventure in Hawaii in a one-on-one setting when you book with Pure Aloha Adventures! Though we share the same boats as the bigger companies, once we’re under the water, you have our undivided attention – though we may occasionally glance at the passing honu and vibrant schools of fish. We offer private scuba tours so you can dive at your own pace, work at your own ability level, and not be limited by other people’s air consumption. This three-hour dive is designed for certified divers who are more advanced and really want to explore Oahu’s waters.

We have several scuba dive options to choose from, including:

Shore Dives Include:
  • Hanauma Bay
  • Sharks Cove Shore Diving (summer season only)
  • Electric Beach
Advanced Early Morning Boat Dives Include:
  • YO-257 (South shore)
  • Sea Tiger (South Shore)
  • 100 Foot Hole (South Shore)
  • Corsair (South/East Shore)
  • LCU (South/East Shore)
  • Sea Cave Drift Dives (South/East Shore)
  • The Mahi (West Shore)

If you are not that experienced and would like to do a shallow reef dive, please see our Private Scuba Diving Tour (Beginner Certified Divers).

Beginner and Above Afternoon Dives Include:
  • Turtle Canyon (South Shore)
  • Kewalo Pipe (South Shore)
  • Nautilus Reef (South Shore)
  • Horseshoe Reef (South Shore)
  • Koko Crater (South/East Shore)
  • Makaha Caverns (West Shore)

Please note: All online bookings are automatically scheduled for the south shore dives. If you would like to book one of the other locations, you must call to book.

Pure Aloha Adventures
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1125 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814

(Tour locations vary so please check your confirmation email)