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Snorkel Rental

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 1 to 5 days

Calendar Availability: Monday through Friday

Person Per day

Save Time With Our Oahu Snorkel Rental Delivery Service

Your vacation time is precious so why waste it running around and waiting in line to get snorkel gear when you can have it delivered right to your hotel? Save yourself time and money by using our snorkel delivery service.

Your rental includes hotel delivery and pickup on weekdays at noon. Choose a one- to five-day rental for one low price. Simply choose your delivery day and snorkel sets will be delivered to you at your hotel’s tour pickup area.

Here you will meet one of our friendly staff and they will give you your gear sets. On your pickup day, you will simply meet our staff in the same area and they will take the gear from you. SO easy!

There are many great places to snorkel on the island such as Hanauma Bay, Shark’s Cove, Electric Beach, and many more. With our snorkel rental service in Waikiki, you will be able to go wherever you want and not have to worry about long lines, expensive prices, or wondering if gear will be available at the locations you choose.

Please note: This rental is for experienced snorkelers only, who are well versed in ocean safety and proper snorkeling techniques. This includes any and all guests who will be using the snorkel gear.

Please know your limits, check with lifeguards about current conditions, and ALWAYS snorkel with a buddy. Do not attempt to snorkel if you do not know how to swim or are not in good physical condition.

Remember, Hawaii waters are much different than those in the Caribbean and on the mainland. We have strong currents, riptides, drop off areas, large waves, and jagged lava rocks, all which can make snorkeling and navigating our waters very difficult.

We offer many Guided Snorkel Tour options for those who have limited swimming abilities or have someone in their group who is not very comfortable in ocean waters.

Please visit our Hanauma Bay Guided Snorkel tour or our Honolulu Snorkel with Turtles tour page for these options. As we say in Hawaii, when in doubt, don’t go out. Safety first! You want to leave with many amazing memories and no injuries!

Don’t forget to help save our precious reefs and purchase our chemical free, reef safe sunscreen which will keep you protected and not burn your eyes! Sunscreen can be added to your rental when checking out.